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Summer Produce

fruits and veggies

Fruit and veggie lovers alike, the best of the best is back!

This time of year, South Carolinians are blessed with some of the best produce offerings. Farmers markets, roadside stands and grocery stores are overflowing with fresh, locally harvested produce. Sweet corn, berries, summer squash, zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, peaches… the list goes on!! These fruits and vegetables can be found in so many fun and festive dishes and desserts. It is no surprise that summer is a southern favorite!

In addition to convenience and freshness, there are many other benefits to buying and eating local produce!

Locally sourced produce generally tastes better and has a stronger nutrient profile since it spends less time in transit from farm to table. It’s also less expensive to shop seasonally, and in doing so you support your local community and economy.

If you’re ever uncertain about whether or not you’re buying SC grown produce or products, look for the Certified SC logo (shown below) or visit the Certified SC website at certifiedsc.com

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