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Fresh Peach Lemonade with Honey

peach lemonade

What is a helpful lemon called? Lemon-aid

Lemonade is, without a doubt, one of the summer’s best drinks.  We suggest taking advantage if the upcoming peach season by adding fresh, juicy peaches to the summertime classic! 

Peaches contain Vitamins A and C, which can help promote healthy skin and reduce inflammation. Lemons can also aid skin and nervous system health with their Vitamin C and potassium contents. Honey contains many antioxidants that help the body work properly! 

When buying honey, look at the labels to ensure sweeteners like corn syrup haven’t been added.  Honey is sweet naturally! We suggest adding half of the recommended honey to the mixture, then tasting and adjusting as needed.  Ripe peaches may provide almost all the sweetness needed for this recipe!  

Recipe and picture from Simple Bites. Link here.

Sources: https://njaes.rutgers.edu/sshw/message/message.php?p=Health&m=301