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August’s Back-to-School Menu

school menu

Add these delicious recipes to your back-to-school menu!

Banana Pancake Cereal with Fruit from SkinnyTaste

Celebrate the start of the school year with this fun breakfast!  The pancake batter is made in a blender and has a nutritious secret ingredient – a banana!  Customize the “cereal” with different fruits and toppings, such as berries, apple chunks, peaches, or a drizzle of honey and nut butter. 

Link to recipe and picture, click here

Cheese & Crackers Bento from Martha Stewart

With this lunch, kids can build their own sandwich crackers or eat everything separately!  Use whole-grain crackers, low-sodium meats, and fresh fruits to create this simple but delicious lunch. 

Link to recipe and picture, click here

Chicken Fajita Foils from Food Network

We love these easy foil packet fajitas!  Save prep time by buying pre-sliced veggies and serve with store-bought guacamole and salsa.  Feel free to customize the included veggies to fit everyone’s specific tastes! 

Link to recipe and picture, click here